Common Flea Medicines

The effects of fleas on pets have led to the development of many flea medicines. The medications are meant to relieve the pets of the discomfort and health concerns associated with the flea infestation. The available drugs have different usage capabilities and levels of effectiveness. The factors as mentioned earlier also define the prices. The medicines are manufactured using different ingredients that are useful in the killing of the blood sucking bugs. All the medicine work well for different levels of infestation and flea species. Therefore, you should determine the degree of protection you want for your pet and the species of the fleas before you choose the medicine. Here are the commonly available flea infestation medicines.

The Advecta flea pill for cats is a spot-on treatment meant for dogs and can protect your pet for a month. The drug is preferred for use especially if the flea species is seasonal. The medication has also be upgraded to Advantage multi to kill parasites such roundworm, hookworm, and heartworm. Therefore, to avoid the expenses of purchasing other products for the treatment of the parasites you should buy the Advantage Multi.

Frontline Plus kills is also another medication that works by killing both the flea and its eggs. The medication is also useful for the killing of brown dog ticks, lone star ticks, and American dog ticks. The drug works in a similar way such as the advantage regarding the duration of effectiveness. K9 Advantix is useful for the treatment of fleas as it can kill both the adult flea and the larvae thereby breaking the life cycle. The drug is meant for dogs that frequently come into physical contact with cats. It is also a good choice for prevention of flea in areas with high mosquito population. The usage of K9 Advantix should be guided by a veterinarian especially if the dog is old or sick. Know more about dogs in .

Revolution medicine at offers a broad range of flea protection for your pet. It also can kill both the adult flea and the eggs. It is highly recommended for use on expecting dogs and puppies that are more than six weeks old. Capstar is also another medication that is used for particular occasions. The drug is in the form of tablets, and a single pill is enough to kill adult fleas on the pet. It is only meant for the killing of adult fleas since it cannot kill the eggs. The medication is recommended for newly acquired pets and for dogs that are either shown or boarded.